Mobile Computing Carts & Medication Carts

Our carts are designed with the healthcare setting clearly in mind; with a range of features expressly integrated to ease workloads for nurses and other healthcare professionals, as well as to enhance patient care.

Metro® Mobile Computing offers workstations built from the ground up to help clinicians connect with real-time information at the point of care. Our Metro Flo Series and Metro Lionville Series wireless mobile computing workstations offer flexible designs and a range of options, so hospitals can tailor solutions that meet their specific needs for run time, storage, mobility, ergonomics and aesthetics.

Metro's combination of healthcare expertise and innovative design has set the standard for mobile clinical workstations. In fact, Metro holds patents on virtually all aspects of the Flo 1800 - from the adjustable monitor to the large work surface.

Mobile, Modular Laboratory System


Advanced Power Solution: Lithium Nano power supply provides extended run times- more than 5,000 cycles.
All-In-One Computer Ready
Multiple Mounting Options
Additional Storage
Numerous Drawer Sizes and Organizational Options: 3," 6," 9," and 12" drawer heights
Easier to Clean and Keep Clean: Flexline’s cleaner design includes corrosion proof and stain resistant polymer materials and *Microban® antimicrobial product protection

Advanced Power Solution: Lithium Nano power supply provides extended run times- more than 5,000 cycles.
All-In-One Computer Ready
Multiple Mounting Options
Numerous Storage and Organizational Options: Removable medication cassettes and bins come in a variety of sizes
Optional Side Storage: Swing-out or fixed side pods accommodate a wide range of accessories
Easier to Clean and Keep Clean: Microban® antimicrobial protection inhibits the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria on Starsys


NEW - 1760Rx with SecureRx Med Module
Flo 1760 Mobile Computing Workstation
Flo 1800 Mobile Computing Workstation

Patient Specific Bins : Fits nursing needs for patient capacity and storage, increased MAR (eMAR) compliance
Robust Locking Options : Reduction of pilferage, managerial audit capabilities, easy-to-use options
Power Options : Engineered for maximum uptime, less time recharging
Compact Footprint : Light-weight and easy to move, increased comfort

• Integrate electronic medical records (EMRs)
• Improved features and functionality
• Easy serviceability and upgrades
• A workstation designed to the UL-60601-1 international standard, ensuring compliance with biomedical safety requirements.

• Advanced ergonomics that bring the clinician closer to the point of care
• Access real-time information while interacting with clients
• Easy serviceability and upgrades
• PC integration on wireless workstation
• Easy maneuverability and premium fit and finish
• 100 % SA

iPoint.0 Mobile Computing Workstation
iPoint.1 and iPoint.3 Mobile Computing Workstations
Flo Laptop Carts

• Lightweight footprint and easy maneuverability
• Ergonomic, full-extention keyboard tray
• Easy serviceability and upgrades
• Workstation height adjustment
• Convenient accessory rail
• Eye-level battery power gauge

• Access real-time information while interacting with clients
• Integrated power with cart top status indicator
• Keyless locking system
• Push button height adjustment
• Non-locking models
• Multiple store tiers for patient or storage drawers
• Open architecture AC power supply

• Lightweight footprint and easy maneuverability
• Advanced ergonomics that bring the clinician closer to the point of care
• High quality fit and finish
• Tested and certified
• Integrates with your enterprise standard notebook

Wall Cabinets : Designed for a variety of storage applications
Compact wall cabinets can be used to store meds, supplies and computers in or near patient rooms.

Flexible capabilities include:
• Keyless pushbutton or key lock entry
• Interior light and adjustable shelves
• Sturdy desk door with pneumatic-assist door opening and laptop security
• Mini-safe for narcotics and patient valuables


1760Rx Hybrid Workstation
Medication Cart, iMed
• Access to real-time information
• Patient specific bins
• Multiple locking and drawer configuration options
• Secondary locking for controlled substances
• Bedside barcoding and electronic medication administration records support
• Unsurpassed runtime
• Easy to clean and maintain
• Variety of auditing capabilities
• Integrated power supply with cart top LED battery status indicators
• Keypad or card reader unlocking and an automatic relocking
• Multiple drawer arrangements
• Accommodates various pharmacy distribution methods
• 180 degree articulating top or side mounted arms
• Barcode medication administration (BCMA) support
• Access to facility's clinical information systems
• Electronic medical record (EMR) integration

Lionville 400 Series
Lionville 600 Series
• Generous size
(39-1/8"W x 23-1/2"D x 41-1/8"H)
• 19-tier capacity with up to 57 patient drawers
• Spacious work area
• Mid-size
(32-5/8"W x 23-1/2"D x 41-1/8"H)
• 10-tier capacity - up to 30 patient drawers
• Large storage drawer section for supplies
Lionville 800 Series
Pharmacy Transfer Carts
• Small footprint (22"W x 23-1/2"D x 41-1/8"H)

• 9-tier capacity with 4 to 27 patient drawers

• Optional pull-out storage shelves or built-in waste

• Ideal for mobile computing applications
• Transports exchange cassettes
• Available in three styles - including standard, low and vertical
• Generous storage, large workspace
• Available with or without locking doors for security
• Wrap-around vinyl bumpers and wide models include bottom outriggers

System Benefits

User-driven design to optimize nursing workflow : Our carts seamlessly connect clinicians with real-time information at the point of care while supporting medication administration.

Enhanced Patient Care : These benefits provide nurses with more time at the patient's bedside while helping them to deliver better care.

Flexibility Capabilities : Equipped with an open architecture AC power supply that supports a wide variety of on-board computing options and accessories, such as bar code scanners and cup dispensers that adapt to every facility's needs.

Integrate EMRs : The ability to integrate electronic medical records (EMRs) to collect patient data at the point of care, which results in improved care, reduced costs and increased efficiency.

Easy Serviceability : A perfect blend of technology and design enable easy serviceability and upgrades.

Long-term Investment : Features modular design that accommodates upgrades to monitors, power systems, storage and other technology components, allowing hospitals to leverage existing workstations to support new applications (Carts: Flo 1760)

Specifically for Medication Management Carts

We offer pharmacy fixtures, medication transfer carts, mobile workstations and automated dispensing cabinets for acute-care and long-term-care environments.

Wherever medications are stored, dispensed, administered and recorded, Metro's medication management solutions cover every step of the distribution process.

Our products are designed to support pharmacists, nurses and technology professionals, while at the same time promoting patient care.

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