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Midwest Medical Systems offers a complete selection of pharmacy fixtures, medication carts, packaging and bar code systems to meet every medication handling need. We also provide a wide range of wireless temperature monitoring products.

Whether supporting overall unit dose programs or targeting special problem areas, MMS can draw on over 30 years of experience in helping to plan and implement efficient, cost-effective systems designed to get the job done.

MMS has been involved in designing and equipping over 500 pharmacies and we have accumulated abundant knowledge about making pharmacies efficient and functional. We sincerely look forward to hearing from you and assisting you with your specific needs.

Product Lines


Our casework is made of only the most resilient materials, attractive surfaces, and highest quality hardware. We offer total modularity without sacrificing durability or aesthetics.

Unit Dose Packaging  
Medical Packaging Inc. (MPI) is one of the leading manufacturers of unit dose packaging systems used in hospitals.

Cleanrooms provided by Carter-Health are the cost-effective solution to meet ISO-01 to ISO-8 requirements for the Medical and Manufacturing industries.

Barrier Isolators  
MIC Family of Isolators - Meets and/or exceeds all specifications required by USP<797>.

Clinical Refrigerators and Freezers  
Established in 1977 to serve the life science industry, Helmer is a manufacturer and worldwide distributor of high quality laboratory equipment and refrigerated product.

Mobile Computing Carts


Our carts are designed with the healthcare setting clearly in mind; with a range of features expressly integrated to ease workloads for nurses and other healthcare professionals, as well as to enhance patient care.

We offer a complete line of Metro powered and non-powered hybrid carts combining mobile computing and supply storage within the same cart.

Wire Shelving  
Overhead shelves provide for additional storage space and convenient, lightweight display in the space above a shelving fixture.

Wireless Temperature Monitoring

As one of the early developers of wireless temperature monitoring systems Cooper-Atkins Corporation has been at the forefront of temperature monitoring since 1885. TempTrak offers 24/7 remote temperature monitoring and runs on a wide range of systems supported by a broad range of hardware.

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